Hi there!! I am Heather, the recipe creator, cook, writer and pretty picture taker behind this food blog.

I run this food blog from down here in sunny Sarasota, Florida. In addition to A Wicked Whisk, my husband and I also personalized tumbler business called Wicked Whiskey Designs. We’ve been together for the past 16 years (yikes!!), we are dutiful parents to three very spoiled and demanding dogs who pretty much run our household. 

With so many different ways of eating these days, it’s really important for us to stick with what we love most, easy delicious comfort food recipes.

Comfort food cooking is a way of life that brings together family and friends, good times and great memories. Even though it’s important to watch that waistline, good food is what brings people together.

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A Wicked Whisk is a food blog dedicated to easy to make comfort food recipes and fast 30 minute meals. That means you’ll see a mix of your favorite classic feel good dishes and easy to prepare, quick meal ideas to help get you through the week.

Take this Homemade Pierogies recipe for example, a perfect step-by-step tutorial on how easy it is to make this classic comfort food dish in your own kitchen. These are insanely delicious! Looking for Homemade Meatloaf?  I’ve got that too! Super cheesy Macaroni and Cheese? You know it!!

I work extremely hard testing my recipes so that I can provide you with the very best instructions, including our top tips, substitutions and ideas to put your own spin on it. A good recipe should be a starting point, making that recipe your own is what brings it to life.

Beer Cheese Soup in a bread bowl garnished with bacon and green onions


Like most people, life during the week is super busy and when dinnertime comes around, we all need something quick, easy and delicious to bring to the table.

Amazing food doesn’t need to take all day. We make sure to bring you recipes that are fast, easy to make and incredibly satisfying so you can still cook from scratch in a short amount of time and still serve up big flavors!

Ground Beef Stroganoff on a spoon


If mouth-watering food is your weakness and you also love to cook, you’ve come to the right place! Along with the timesaving quick and easy recipes, we also provide easy to follow dishes for those that love to leave their heart and soul in the kitchen. 

Want to try making pasta from scratch? Then check out our recipe for making Homemade Chicken Ravioli. What about making Homemade Chocolate Cake with Homemade Chocolate Buttercream? Once you master making the perfect cake and whipped up frosting, the world opens up to you!

That may be a bit of an exaggeration … hmm… or is it???

Have a question? Need a kitchen buddy to work through a recipe? We’re always happy to help.. just drop me an email at or leave a comment on a particular recipe! 

Mexican Street Corn Chicken Tacos bring together your love of Mexcian steet food elote and spicy chicken tacos.  Made with fresh roasted corn, cilantro, lime, seasoned chicken and a creamy chipotle sauce, these Mexican Street Corn Chicken Tacos will have you begging for more!


I am not trying to be anything I’m not so you won’t see me criticizing techniques, diet preferences or other food bloggers. I will give you tips and tricks, teach you what we know and offer suggestions when it comes to substitutions and variations but in the end, cook what you love!

I have put potato chips on my bologna sandwiches for the past 30+ years because it makes me happy. #truestory



  • I started A Wicked Whisk (aka Pack Momma) without any knowledge about blogging. I was buying my first house, my stress level was at a homicidal level, I needed a creative outlet. This was originally supposed to be a blog about Halloween prop building, DIY home renovation and maybe a recipe or two… 
  • Speaking of Halloween, me and my husband are huge Halloween people. We build a lot of our own props and put on a yard haunt every year for about 400 kids in our neighborhood.
  • We have three dogs. A boxers, a boxer mastiff and an American bulldog / pittie mix named Cash.  They have more followers and fans than I do.
  • My husband hates frosting.  I am not sure how he’s still surviving in this house or how that fact slipped through undetected prior to the wedding.
  • Food is my passion.  I love creating new dishes and trying new flavors and things I would never imagine eating.  Food is love and food is adventure.



A Wicked Whisk has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Chew, Country Living, Buzzfeed, MSN and many more trusted sites and online magazines.


Please feel free to contact me about anything whether you need help with a recipe or any business inquiries.

I provide food photography and recipe creation services and have worked with many top brands. If you’re interested in working with us, feel free to contact us at .. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks and Welcome!!



  1. Hi guys! Other than all purpose flour, what are your thoughts on hazelnut flour to use in the pumpkin ravioli recipe? Just wanted to get an idea of alternatives if I feel like changing it up a bit. Thanks.

  2. Hi there
    Thanks for sharing, your words make so much sense.

    I have made your triple chocolate Mocha Cheesecake- oh my goodness, it has to be the best I have ever eaten and the bonus is I followed your recipe and can say, I made it.

    Amazingly yummy


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